Laser Blanking

High-tech and flexibility are at the center of our laser blanking line. Our newly built production hall is in constant overpressure, creating a dust-free environment. The aluminium or (stainless) steel material flows continuously from the coil into the laser cell. This cell consists of two laser portals in which three lasers can move independently of each other. The optimal nesting of the blanks allows us to produce significantly more parts per coil (up to 30%).

New blank shapes can be programmed or adjusted easily. The laser blanking makes the blank edges homogeneous. The line is fully equipped with a surface inspection system. At the end of the process, a robot accurately stacks the parts before they are wrapped in foil. Pallets are stored optimal conditions in our airconditionned hall.
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our laser blanking line

Technical details

Aluminium (Stainless) Steel
Coil width 400 – 2.150mm 400 – 2.150mm
Inner diameter 508 – 610mm 508 – 610mm
Outer diameter 2.200mm 2.200mm
Max. coil weight 15t 15t
Thickness 0,7 - 3,2mm 0,5 - 1,5mm
Length of sheet 300 – 4.000 mm 300 – 4.000 mm
Max. sheet weight 300kg 300kg
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