On our slitting line, we process aluminium and stainless steel large coils into smaller ones with a specific width to 40mm. After being uncoiled, the master coil is slit or cut-to-width with the highest level of accuracy using sharp rotary blades. Transport oil and hot melt can be applied as lubrication, if required. Straight lines are cut lengthwise resulting into multiple narrower strips of metal precisely to measure. These slit strips are carefully recoiled.

We aim for a high throughput and flow rate by minimizing the tooling times and maximizing the production speed. Once the slitting process is complete, the coils can either be wrapped in foil and strapped with strips. Or they can continue their way to further tailored processing in our cutting-to-lengthsawingCNC milling or laser blanking center.

Decomecc provides customized packaging, stocking and logistic solutions.
All coils, pallets, and scrap material are weighted with precision down to 1 kg.
Our highly digitized processes empower us to work in the most efficient way.
We aim for the highest quality in the fastest lead time. We guarantee continuity and offer maximum flexibility.

Technical details


Aluminium Stainless Steel
Strip width 600–2.350mm 600-2.000mm
Strip thickness 0,8 – 7,0mm 0,8-4,0mm
Coil outer/inner diameter decoiler and recoiler 508 / 2.500mm 508 / 2.500mm
Max. coil weight decoiler and recoiler 25t 25t
Lub application Transport oil and hot melt Transport oil and hot melt
Other dimensions available upon request
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